Peter, Paul and Mary Moving

1962: Peter, Paul and Mary
  1963: (Moving)
  1963: In the Wind
  1964: In Concert
  1965: A Song Will Rise
  1965: See What Tomorrow Brings
  1966: Album
  1967: Album 1700
1967: In Japan
  1968: Late Again
  1969: Peter, Paul & Mommy
  1970: Ten Years Together
1978: Reunion
  1983: Such Is Love
  1986: No Easy Walk to Freedom
  1988: A Holiday Celebration
  1990: Flowers and Stones
  1993: Peter Paul & Mommy Too
  1995: PP M& (LifeLines)
  1996: Lifelines Live
  1998: Around the Campfire
  1998:The Collection -
        Reader's Digest Special Release
  1999: Songs of Conscience and Concern
2004: In These Times
2004: Carry It On
2005: The Very Best of Peter, Paul and Mary
2008: The Solo Recordings (1971-1972)
2010: The Prague Sessions
2012: Live In Japan, 1967
2014: Discovered

In The Wind
In Concert
A Song Will Rise
Carry It On See What Tomorrow Brings
In These Times Album 1700
Songs of Conscience & Concern In Japan
The Collectioin Late Again
Around The Campfire Peter, Paul and Mommy
LifeLines Live Ten Years Together
LifeLines Peter, Paul & Mommy, too Flowers and Stones A Holiday Celebration No Easy Walk To Freedom Such Is Love Reunion