Song of Conscience & Concern


Songs of Conscience
 & Concern

Released: 1999

catalog number: 47292


Folk music springs from the lives of people, telling of their hard times and triumphs, their heroes and outlaws, their loves and loves lost.  It not only tells the story of how we got here, but reveals the bond we share with past generations.  They, too, had hopes and dreams similar to our own.  They, too, sought to heal the world in their own time, ridding it of war and injustice--and they, too, were nurtured by the songs that bound their mutual vision, that helped to renew them in the wake of loss and disappointment.

Peter, Paul and Mary have drawn perhaps their greatest inspiration from such songs of conscience and concern.  In the spirit of such acknowledgment, Peter, Paul and Mary have chosen this retrospective collection of 15 songs: all but the most recently recorded "Don't Laugh At Me" are drawn from the 20 albums released during their nearly four-decade association.

This is not a compilation  of "hits".  On the contrary, none of these songs can be found on a "Best Of Peter, Paul and Mary" album.  In fact, you may not be familiar with a number of these recordings.

As to subject matter, surely "If I Had A Hammer," "Blowin' In The Wind," "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," and numerous other familiar songs could have been included.  However, the intention of this album is to share some of the hidden treasures, lesser-known songs that spoke to Peter, Paul and Mary, that sensitized and inspired them, reinvigorating them when they needed to reassert their reason to keep on keepin' on.

Let the music tell its story and perhaps you, too, will be moved to join your voice with others who are committed to the realization of a better world.

A portion of the profits from this record will be donated by Peter, Paul and Mary to:
The Center For Constitutional Rights     Children's Defense Fund      Oxfam America