Carry It On

Released: February 24, 2004

catalog number: R2 73907




Carry It On



There they are, in glorious black and white; three young musicians hand-in-hand, running toward a concert stage in a blur of joyous motion. The two men are dressed in natty dark suits and carry acoustic guitars; between them is a woman, her long, blonde hair flying behind her. Their feet hardly seem to touch the ground.

You can find this photo  in the gatefold cover of Peter, Paul And Mary's 1964 In Concert album. But really, it's an image that could've come from any one of hundreds of their performances during their tumultuous early days. It captures the trios's unbridled energy and palpable sense of mission. They look ready and eager to take on the world.

It was quite a world they were taking on. Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey, and Mary Travers came together as a group at the dawn of John F. Kennedy's Presidency, where the tight lid of repression was about to blow off of the American sociopolitical stew pot. They arrived on the cultural scene just as their nation was coming to grips with long-deferred issues, foremost among them the demand for racial equality. And, like countless other Americans, they decided they couldn't remain neutral during this time of reckoning.

What happened from that point on is the stuff of history...

-Barry Alfonso-


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* Rare, previously unissued bonus tracks recorded prior to the
    official formation of Peter, Paul and Mary 

disc 5 bonus DVD