by William Ruhlmann

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Peter, Paul and Mary- U.S. releases

Warner Bros. 5274 Lemon Tree/Early In The Morning 1962
Warner Bros. 5296 If I Had A Hammer/Gone The Rainbow 1962
Warner Bros. 5325 Big Boat/Tiny Sparrow 1962
Warner Bros. 5334 Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway)/500 Miles 1963
Warner Bros. 5348 Puff (The Magic Dragon)/Pretty Mary 1963
Warner Bros. 5368 Blowin' In The Wind/Flora 1963
Warner Bros. 5385 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/Autumn To May 1963
Warner Bros. 5399 Stewball/Cruel War 1963
Warner Bros. 5402 A Soalin'/Hush-A-Bye 1963
Warner Bros. 5418 Tell It On The Mountain/Old Coat 1964
Warner Bros. 5442 Oh, Rock My Soul (Part 1)/Oh, Rock My Soul (Part 2) 1964
Warner Bros. 5496 For Lovin' Me/Monday Morning 1965
Warner Bros. 5625 When The Ship Comes In/The Times They Are A Changin'  1965
Warner Bros. 5659 Early Morning Rain/The Rising OF The Moon 1965
Warner Bros. 5809 The Cruel War/Mon Vrai Destin 1966
Warner Bros. 5842 Hurry Sundown/Sometime Lovin' 1966
Warner Bros. 5849 The Other Side Of This Life/Sometime Lovin' 1966
Warner Bros. 5883 For Baby (For Bobby)/Hurry Sundown 1966
Warner Bros. 7067 I Dig Rock And Roll Music/ Great Mandella (Wheel Of Life) 1967
Warner Bros. 7092 Too Much Of Nothing/House Song 1967
(no label) Eugene McCarthy For President (If You Love Your Country) 1968
Warner Bros. 7236 Don't Remind Me Of Time (Peter Yarrow)/Teenage Fair (Rosko) 1968
Warner Bros. 7232 Love City (Postcard To Duluth)/Yesterday's Tomorrow  1968
Warner Bros. 7279 Day Is Done/Make Believe Town 1969
Warner Bros. 7340 On A Jet Plane/The House Song 1969
Warner Bros. 7359 The Marvelous Toy/Christmas Dinner 1969
Warner Bros. 7841 Follow Me/I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado (Mary Travers) 1971
Warner Bros. 7511 Wedding Song (There Is Love)/Give A Damn (Paul Stookey) 1971
Warner Bros. 7517 The Song IS Love/Ericka With The Windy Yellow Hair (Mary Travers) 1971
Warner Bros. 7567 Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom/Greenwood (Peter Yarrow) 1972
Warner Bros. 7570 It Will Come To You Again/Scarlet & The Grey (Mary Travers) 1972
Warner Bros. 7587 Weave Me The Sunshine/Wings Of Time (Peter Yarrow) 1972
Warner Bros. 7588 Morning Glory/That's Enough For Me (Mary Travers) 1972
Warner Bros. 7602 Hey, Sad Sack/Sebastian (Paul Stookey) 1972
Warner Bros. 7675 Too Many Mondays/That Year There Was No Winter (Mary Travers) 1972
Warner Bros. 7683 Funky Monkey Part I/Blessed (Noel Paul Stookey) 1973
Warner Bros. 7731 Oh, What A Feeling/Five Hundred Miles (Mary Travers) 1973
Warner Bros. 7761 Isn't That So/Old Father Time (Peter Yarrow) 1973
Warner Bros. 7790 Circles/I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (Mary Travers) 1974
Warner Bros. 8114 Another Chain Unbound/Wanderin' (Peter Yarrow) 1975
Warner Bros. 7100 Lemon Tree/If I Had A Hammer (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7101 Puff The Magic Dragon/Blowin' In The Wind (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7125 I Dig Rock And Roll Music/500 Miles (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7132 Leaving On A Jet Plane/Day Is Done (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7142 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/For Lovin' Me (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7143 Follow Me/The Song Is Love (Mary Travers) (reissue)
Warner Bros. 7147 Wedding Song/Sebastian (Paul Stookey) (reissue)
Chrysalis 2202 The Air That I Breathe/ (Mary Travers) 1978
Warner Bros. 8684 Like The First Time/Best Of Friends 1978
Warner Bros. 8724 Forever Young/Best Of Friends 1978
El Salvador/Light One Candle 1985
    The Birds Fly Home (The Birds Of Paradise
-Noel Stookey's high school group) (10 inch)
Folkways 5285 Talking Union And Other Union Songs
(The Almanac Singers, with additional songs by the
Song Swappers, who include Mary Travers)
Folkways 6911 Folk Songs Of Four Continents (The Song 
Swappers, who include Mary Travers)
Folkways 6912 Bantu Choral Folk Songs  (The Song Swappers, 
who include Mary Travers)
SC-7628 Camp Songs with 6 to 11 Year Olds (Pete Seeger
and Erik Darling And The Song Swappers, who 
include Mary Travers)
Warner Bros. W-1449 (mono) Peter, Paul And Mary 1962
Warner Bros. WS-1449 (stereo) Peter, Paul And Mary 1962
Warner Bros. W-1473 (mono) (Moving) 1963
Warner Bros. WS-1473 (stereo) (Moving) 1963
Warner Bros. W-1507 (mono) In The Wind 1963
Warner Bros. WS-1507 (stereo) In The Wind 1963
Folkways FD-5592 We Shall Overcome! Documentary Of The March On
Washington (On this album of songs and speeches 
from the August 28, 1963, March On Washington,
including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a
dream" speech, Peter, Paul and Mary are heard
singing "If I Had A Hammer [The Hammer Song].")
Vanguard VSD-79148 The Newport Folk festival, 1963 -- The Evening
Concerts, Vol. 1 (various artists)(Though they are
not credited, Peter, Paul and Mary are heard singing
along with the Freedom Singers and others on 
"Blowin' In The Wind" and "We Shall Overcome"
Warner Bros. 2W-1555 (mono) In Concert 1964
Warner Bros. 2WS-1555 (stereo) In Concert 1964
Warner Bros. W-1589 (mono) A Song Will Rise 1965
Warner Bros. WS-1589 (stereo) A Song Will Rise 1965
Warner Bros. W-1615 (mono) See What Tomorrow Brings 1965
Warner Bros. WS-1615 (stereo) See What Tomorrow Brings 1965
Warner Bros. WS-1648 Album 1966
Warner Bros. WS-1700 Album 1700 1967
Columbia OS-3240 You Are What you Eat (soundtrack, featuring
Peter Yarrow)
Warner Bros. WS-1751 Late Again 1968
Warner Bros. WS-1785 Peter, Paul and Mommy 1969
Warner Bros. BS-2552 10 (Ten) Years Together: 
The Best of Peter Paul and Mary 
Warner Bros. WS-1907 Mary (Mary Travers) 1971
Warner Bros. WS-1912 Paul And (Paul Stookey) 1971
Neworld NWS-120171 Paul And (Paul Stookey) (reissue)
(CD archive release 2001 - Neworld Multimedia) 
Warner Bros. BS-2599 Peter (Peter Yarrow) 1972
Warner Bros. BS-2609 Morning Glory (Mary Travers) 1972
Warner Bros. BS-2674 One Night Stand (Noel Paul Stookey) 1973
Neworld NWS-120272 One Night Stand (Noel Paul Stookey) (reissue)
(CD archive release 2001- Neworld Multimedia) 
Warner Bros. BS-2677 All My Choices (Mary Travers) 1973
Warner Bros. BS-2370 That's Enough For Me (Peter Yarrow) 1973
Warner Bros. BS-2795 Circles (Mary Travers) 1974
Warner Bros. BS-2860 Hard Times (Peter Yarrow) 1975
Warner Bros. BS-2891 Love Songs (Peter Yarrow) 1976
Neworld NWS-090477 Real To Reel (Noel Paul Stookey)
(CD archive release 2001 - Neworld Multimedia) 
Neworld NWS-090376 Something New And Fresh (Noel Paul Stookey)
(CD archive release 2001- Neworld Multimedia) 
Chrysalis 1168 It's In Everyone Of Us (Mary Travers) 1978
Warner Bros. BSK-3231 Reunion 1978
Neworld NWS-021379 Band And Bodyworks (Noel Paul Stookey/Bodyworks)
(CD archive release 2002 - Neworld Multimedia) 
MCA 5201 American Pop (soundtrack) 1981
Newpax NP-33120 Wait'll You Hear This
(Noel Paul Stookey/Bodyworks)
Peter, Paul & Mary 830331 Such Is Love 1983
Newpax NP-33131 There Is Love: A Noel Paul Stookey Anthology 1984
Newpax NP-33135 State of The Heart (Noel Paul Stookey/Bodyworks) 1985
Gold Castle GC-1001 No Easy Walk To Freedom 1986
Gold Castle 171-016-1 A Holiday Celebration 1988
Warner Bros. 1449-2 (CD reissue) Peter, Paul and Mary  
Warner Bros. 1473-2 (CD reissue) (Moving) 1989
Warner Bros. 1555-2 (CD reissue) In Concert  1989
Warner Bros. 1700-2 (CD reissue) Album 1700  
Warner Bros. 1785-2 (CD reissue) Peter, Paul and Mommy  
Warner Bros. 3105-2 (CD reissue) Best Of/Ten Years Together  
Gold Castle D2-71333 In Love Beyond Our Lives (Noel Paul Stookey/Bodyworks)
(CD archive release 2003 -Neworld Multimedia) 
Gold Castle D2-71339 Flowers And Stones 1990
Warner Bros. 9 26224-2 (CD reissue) In The Wind  
Warner Bros. 9 26225-2 (CD reissue) A Song Will Rise 1990
Warner Bros. 9 26653-2 (CD reissue) Album 1991
Warner Bros. 9 26654-2 (CD reissue) See What Tomorrow Brings  
Warner Bros. 9 26666-2 (CD reissue) Late Again  
Warner Bros. 9 45069-2 (CD reissue) Flowers And Stones  
Warner Bros. 9 45070-2 (CD reissue) A Holiday Celebration  
Warner Bros. 9 45071-2 (CD reissue) No Easy Walk To Freedom  
Warner Bros. 9 45216-2 Peter, Paul & Mommy, Too 1993
Warner Bros. 9 45851-2 PPM& (LifeLines) 1995
the following cd's have been released since this article was written--
Warner Bros. 9 46298-2 Lifelines Live 1996
Warner Bros. 9 46873-2 Around the Campfire 1998
Readers Digest OPCD-8505 The Collection 1998
Warner Bros. 9 47084-2 (CD reissue) Such Is Love  
Warner Bros. 9-47292-2 Songs of Conscience and Concern 1999
Neworld Multimedia NR11018 There Is Love - A Holiday Music Celebration
(Noel Paul Stookey/Michael Blanchard)
Neworld Multimedia NAR020401 Circuit Rider (Noel Paul Stookey/Bodyworks) 2002
Rhino/Warner Bros. R2-73907 Carry It On 2004
Rhino/Warner Bros. R2-73957 In These Times 2004
Neworld Multimedia NR040401 Virtual Party (Noel Paul Stookey) 2004
Rhino/Warner Bros R2-73161 The Very Best of Peter Paul and Mary 2005
Neworld Multimedia NR071031 Facets (Noel Paul Stookey) 2007
Rhino/Warner Bros R2-77633 The Solo Recordings (1971-1972) 2008