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Dave Tkachuk

Dave Tkachuk
sound design and engineering

Dave Tkachuk joined Peter, Paul and Mary as Sound Designer in 1979 but his interest in communications technologies began in the 7th grade when he designed and built a neighborhood radio station! Throughout the 1960's and 1970s he played drums for the Lancaster's, a local Massachusetts rock and roll band and, in the mid 70's, divided his time between his role as an electrical engineer for a bay-state hi-tech corporation and as audio engineer for Capron Lighting and Sound, a Boston-based light and sound company.

In 1978, with a B.S. in Physics and as a member of the Audio Engineering Society, the inventive Tkachuk founded Audy Instruments, designing and manufacturing critically acclaimed professional audio mixing consoles. Since 1982, Dave has been the owner and president of  Tkachuk Associates, a high-end Systems Integration Company. He and his wife Nancy have designed and supervised the installation of state-of-the-art audio-video-environmental systems in many residential and commercial sites throughout New England.

Dave & Nancy  Tkachuk

Between the demands of his two careers, Dave spends what free time he has with Nancy and his two sons, Scott and Steve. Perhaps not so surprisingly, Scott now does sound for many of the world's top music artists and Stephen is a fledgling drummer...completing what the Tkachuks refer to as "Life's Mysterious Circle"!

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