We are proud to announce that we're preparing a celebration of Peter, Paul and Mary's 50th Anniversary. 

Part of this celebration will include a photographic tribute. 

We're reaching out to the website and beyond as we look for intriguing, iconic photos, or photos that reveal an intimate sense of the spirit or idiosyncratic personalities of the members of the trio, together or singly, that might paint an intimate, as well as the more “public image” portrait. 

We are especially interested in shots taken prior to 1995, and very eager to find shots from political or human rights benefits, marches, rallies or concerts for grass roots leaders, electoral candidates, or movement efforts we were supporting (Ex. El Salvadorian Sanctuary Movement in the U.S., United Farm Workers, Peace Movement, Women’s Movement, PPM arrested at South African Embassy and Anti-Apartheid Movement, Earth Day etc. 

If you think you have something special, please send it preferably by email--it might be included! . Email us your photo if possible. (Please send hi- or medium-resolution photos and if we need higher-res for some reason, we’ll make that request , with our thanks.) Hard copy prints  will NOT be returned, so please do not send us the original of your photo. You may send  a duplicate print of the photo,  a scanned picture (unnecessary to be top scanning quality), or use your digital camera to take a picture of the picture or even make a copy on a copy machine. Email it or mail it as you wish. If we choose your photo we will make arrangements to borrow the original.

Please email to: charlesnurnberg@imaginebks.com

or mail to:
Charles Nurnberg
25 Whitman Road
Morganville, NJ 07751

In addition to the above project, we are planning to create an interactive poster tribute to Mary utilizing ALL the photos sent in by creating a large image out of many smaller ones in a mosaic-like effect. The final image will symbolically embody the love and support Mary received from her many friends and fans.

Please be sure to note if you are interested in having your submission used in one or both of these projects.
Thank You!



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